NEW COLOR! Isle of Lewis Chessmen Chess Set, 1:1 replica

The world’s most well known and beloved chess set, this historical artifact dates back to the 13th century. Rediscovered on the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland, after being buried for centuries, the original pieces now reside in the British Museum, and the National Museum of Scotland.

Our sets are made of a durable Permastone material, with a nicely weighted feel. We carefully hand carve, paint, antique, seal, and then felt the bottoms, of each piece. Our set contains the more famous British Museum pieces, and consists of the following:
16 Pawns
2 Kings
2 Queens
4 Bishops
4 Knights
2 Rooks
2 Baserkers

We offer the only Lewis Chess Set on eBay that is a 1:1 replica of the originals. Other sellers’ replicas are smaller, and do not show the finer details of the original craftmanship. The photos shown are actual pieces from another eBay sellers set (on the right), compared to ours (on the left). Notice the difference in size (our King is the original 4” or 102 mm, NOT the popular 3.5” King), and the stunning details captured in our set.

The Chess Guild was created because of our love of all things Lewis Chess. We are a small family business. We produce our sets, we do not purchase them for resale from domestic or
foreign sources. We believe we are the only American owned and operated company producing sets of this exceptional quality. Our passion is to introduce the Lewis Chess Set to a new generation of fans, and bring history to your hands.

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